The sweetness of cupcakes

I’ve been busy these past few days. It was Eid ul Azha here, and directly after I had to attend a wedding. Hectic, hectic. Today was the first ‘back to normal’ day I had. Got sustenance and my yarn with me, and i settled in for the entire day. Watched Greys and Castle and crocheted all day long. :’) Twas beautiful. Aside from the whole Cristina-Mer fight thing. I see where C is coming from, but it was a bit harsh, imho. Cant wait for Mer to fight back. OH! Speaking of fighting back…I got into IVS! :3 Quite pleased, I am. Take that, haterz. B|

Managed to lazily attach the fox’s arms and ears. It’s hind legs and eyes are left now.
Sigh. Shall do them when the ‘Okay, enough is enough. Finish this.’ feeling gets to me. :p Which wont be anytime soon considering everything else that I’m up to!

Moving on to the ‘everything else I’m up to’ thing, I made two owl beanies 😀 yayyy. Dad had flown in for eid, so he took me yarn shopping, and, oh, was that needed. Got 39 balls of beautiful colors :’) Double yay, anyone? Or are y’all seething in a jealous rage? *evil laugh*

The blanket, as you could have guessed by now, is on hold. I cant stick to the 4-granny-squares a day thing. How sad is my attention span? Going to try and do atleast one a day. *eyeroll* Seriously, I need to be able to stick to a project and see it through before starting not one, but ten new ones.

Observe owl beanie, #1:

In the picture the beak exists, but in reality I havent attached it yet.

Then we move on to owl beanie, #2:

Same problem, unfortunately. Sadly, the owl beak isn’t even crocheted yet for this one. D: Had to borrow the pink ones beak for the photoshoot. :p

I often wish I had a baby and/or toddler and/or child aged between 5-10. That way product photography could go so much better. My cats aren’t nearly as co-operative or understanding as would be a kid. I could bribe them with cookies. Cats dont take kindly to bribes, however. They assume everything is their birthright.

I am improving, though. Take a look here at this very yummy cupcake beanie. :’) And ITS NOT EVEN MY SIZE. Can you believe it? I made something that I WONT BE ABLE TO WEAR GAHHH. This upcoming exhibition better be worth it, thats all I have to say. -.-

See how its completed? :’) From the icing to the liner to the cherry on top. :3 Yayyy. Thinking I’ll do a sort of ‘series’. Vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. 😀

Todays goals:
*Make another cupcake beanie
*Complete the fox
*Make Avada Kedavra necklace
*Make five flower rings

Wish me luck! 😀 Update soon! (This is actually not a hopeful truth-lie, since I AM updating more regularly now. :3 )


Fingerless Crocheted Gloves – Multicolor yarn workup :)

There is still no white yarn, since I was unable to go shopping. So I thought, why not get busy with another project. Because as all crocheters know, you can never have enough WIP projects, can you now? 😉

I had gotten this multicolored skein consisting of browns, pinks, purples, oranges and whites. And I had absolutely no idea what to make with it. Soooo I made fingerless gloves. 😀

I will probably utilize the entire skein to make more asymmetrical fingerless gloves. But I also really want to go for a an owl beanie, so I dont know yet. :p

Will be selling these for RS 900. Guess how much profit is actually there? Only a 100. Believe it or not. The rest is labor costs, material costs and delivery costs. Sigh.

In other news, I am making a new blooming flower crochet cushion cover. 😀 Yay. Pacing myself so as not to overwhelm. One row every day. Need six more petal rows, which means twelve rows in total. Argh.

I cant wait for my white yarn to arrive. Meanwhile I will be making more granny squares to add on to the blanket. Cant believe how big its gotten already! 😀 Pictures soon!

The IVS result will be out on the 14th. I am a nervous wreck. I NEED to get in. If I dont, its better to just drown myself considering the fact that living on this planet will be even more unbearable than it already is.

PTCL has blocked Facebook. I am so freaking annoyed. Probably going to be changing my connection back to Qubee or idk, some other connection soon. PTCL, even though it has cheaper rates, is so not worth it when it comes down to service. Crappiest ever.