A month of Pinterest (hopefully)

I’m an avid pinner, but I never really go back and make any of the items I pin. Maybe take inspiration, sure, but actually follow through with a whole tutorial? Nope. I just leave them for ‘a time when I’ll need them’ and that time never comes.

So starting today, I will be following through with as many pins as I possibly can. 😀

Intended targets within thirty days:
1. http://pinterest.com/pin/176062666655634586/
2. http://pinterest.com/pin/176062666655263367/
4. http://pinterest.com/pin/76701999875462611/

I think I’ll get started on the doilies first.

Too sleepy right now to write more, or do proper formatting of the links. Will do so tomorrow! 🙂
Peace out.