Day One: Getting Our Head In The Game

Hello all!

See, this time I took a much longer break than the 24-hour thing I had started doing. That is mainly due to the fact that I *drumroll* went to do an internship! It was one month long, I was an art teacher to kindergarten up to second graders anddddd it taught me a lot. So many fake smiles, diplomatic answers, politics, and the WORK. Woah, did they pile that on. And oh, lets not forget the kids. -_- I do not remember having THAT much energy. Honestly. Stark contrast to who I have become today. Quiet (unless you bother me/annoy me and hence force me to scream at you), keeping to myself (unless I like you*), not liking interactions or fake smiles or diplomacy.
One would ponder why I MUN at all. One of the mysteries of life, I guess.
SO ANYWAY. Schools are a place of learning, and boy did I learn. Another thing I learned was that this internship could not have came at a worse time. An entire month wasted in the pursuit of writing down a small “did an internship for one month as an art teacher” on my CV. Really. Like thats going to get me somewhere. on the other hand, if I had crocheted for the entire month, we might actually be somewhere on the stock front.
So far we have about 5 pouches each of the rainbow pouches, mustache man pouches, black heart pouches, white bow pouches. I’m thinking to make some detailed owl pouches too. Maybe like, three at most. Lets see if people buy them at all. Maybe a couple of Panda pouches too?
Anyway. This is going to be a series documenting the final two weeks of prep for the expo. Hopefully this will keep me organized, and help out a couple of people figure out what to do/what not to do when prepping for an exhibition. :3
So today I made another beanie. Its not to be sold though, this one will be a sample piece to take orders. Aside from that, I doubt I’ll be able to make my blanket by the expo, which will be sad.

BUT YOU KNOW SOMETHING IM NOTICING? Whether it be Breaking Bad or F.R.I.E.N.D.S or Big Bang Theory, EVERYONE has crocheted afghans and cushion covers! It gives much such a high to see people having crocheted stuff on shows. :’)

Going to go make my inventory list now. Tata!
*Doesn’t happen often.