Yikes! Its been three months since I last updated this blog? D: My bad.

Let me update you: As far as the pinterest post went — I did end up doing a couple of thing s from pinterest…just not the ones I blogged I’d do. 😉
More on that later, since right now, I am blogging about a very specific project I have undertaken. Because I am crazy. There is no other explanation.


All the people who make afghans and granny square blankets? They’re all crazy, and I’ve joined their bandwagon of craziness.

Yussir, I have.


Can you guess what it is? Can you?

THATS RIGHT. ITS A GRANNY SQUARE BLANKET. 😀 How completely crazy is that?

So I have calculated that for my bed I will be needing atleast 300 granny squares. And there is the edging (which is also the part I am not looking forward to) and ofcourse the joining. ARGH. And the ‘neatening up’ the square. OMG HOW DO PPL DO DIS I SWEAR.

Enough of my weirdness. Lets observe one of natures many beauties:


Wheeeeee. I’m forty squares in, just about, hm, a gazillion to go. Or you know, two hundred and sixty, if you wanna get all technical about it.

So my original inspiration was from According To Matt and his ah-mazing granny square blanket.

Isn’t it spectacular? He crocheted over 600 squares for that beauty. :O

I got all inspired and revved up and set a four-squares-a-day goal for myself. I am determined to see myself through it. Already four days ahead of schedule. :3 Thats the great thing about granny squares — they’re so therapeutic. And perfect to do while watching a movie or a tv show.

In other news, I am worried sick about my admission application, my mother hates me, my father will be here in two days (that should be fun), and there is a wild stray cat out to get my babies.


One last look at the unattached beauties. They shall be joined together with white yarn sooner than you think.

Anyway, this is the only thing that will get me through the next two weeks. Lets make it count. Shall try to update at regular intervals! See you soon (…or possibly in another three months)!