Red Brick Beret

Red Brick


Hey all. Just a small update. Made this recently, thought Id share. Made a ton of bows too, I’ll upload those soon. Got a MUN tomorrow, and no matter how easy it might have seemed to me before, if I dont win it, thats me swallowing my words in a haze ofĀ embarrassment. So wish me luck!

Also, the lovely model is my sister. ^_^

Pasta and a neck warmer/poncho




The first picture you see? My dinner, which started out as something completely different. The recipe called for basil leaves (which I didn’t have on hand) and a couple of other things. So I adapted the recipe and ended up making this. It’s quite good actually. Added a shredded slice of mozzarella cheese to the thick tomato sauce, and oh the flavors, how they exploded in my mouth. Anyone interested in the recipe? As for the second and third picture — remember I wanted to start a new project? Well this is what I ended up making. Its not completely done yet — a bit of the fringe on the other side is left, as well as attaching the buttons. Laziness gets to me. *sigh* The inspiration I got for this is from anthropology. This is looks nothing like the huge brown cowl but I am still very happy with what I ended up with. šŸ™‚

Update on 12/12/12!

Hey all! Its winters here and, as always, I get swept away with this season. The sheer joy of writing up blog posts with your headphones plugged in, knowing you’re adding your voice to the millions already on the internet, your feet warm in a cute pair of crocheted slippers and a mug of hot cocoa sitting within reach accompanied by theĀ softest, most scrumptious chocolate cupcake you’ve ever had…yeah, thats something I always look forward to.

So regarding crocheting in general, I’ve taken up tunisian crochet and find itĀ irresistible. The knit-like stitches are so easy to do, and they work up really fast too. I turn into aĀ memorizedĀ robot when I’m at it. I’m actually working on a little project at the moment. Give it a week and I’ll be sure to post pictures. šŸ˜‰ Unless I’m too lazy. Which is probably whats going to happen.

Another project thatsĀ currentlyĀ on haitus right now is this net-like sweater thingy I’m working on. Thinking about making the sleeves those poofy-like things that are so in right now. The netting on those would be a bit more tighter, and smaller. The main body is going on about chains of six. I’ll hopefully post pictures of that too.


My interest in tunisian stemmed from learning how to make crochet cables. Post stitches. Sigh. How did I ever live without knowing them? Still, I can only make straight cables. No match for those windy, twisty ones.

Does anybody watch Greys Anatomy? I started about a month ago and got done with eight seasons, all the episodes of the ninth, and a new favorite show. Also a ton of new favorite songs. I think it was a mistake to kill of theĀ charactersĀ they did. They were vital to the show. And their second mistake, I think, was to continue the series. The ninth one seems to be quite a let down so far. Its also sad how everyone has gotten over the deaths so fast.

ANYWAY. Back to crochet. I’m bored with my current projects (the aforementioned ones), so I think I’ll start something new. But what? Any ideas?

Urban Jungle Slouchy Beanie in…YELLOW

So I bit the bullet. I took one for the team. I single crocheted.

This amazing pattern by Vicki Howell, titled the Urban Jungle beanie, made me many shades of happy.

“Shades of happy”. šŸ˜‰ Winkwink. (Side note: AWFUL book. Couldn’t manage to get past her dancing in the kitchen, making breakfast. Anyone care to disagree?)

AHNYWAY. So for this amazing beanie that I oh so desperately wanted on my little head, I had to single crochet a ribbed pattern of 10 chain length, until it became –and here’s the catch — twenty two inches long.

TWENTY TWO INCHES OF SINGLE CROCHET. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. Its not done yet, as I only started today, and what with school, and traveling time, and my insomnia, and cat naps that last for six hours…

You get the drift. I didn’t get much time. But the good news is, the single crochet part is almost over! I’m done with fourteen inches of it, so that is a little more than halfway done. Something I noticed when it was around five inches was that I was holding on too tightly. So I loosened my grip, and lo and behold, it automatically got easier (and a lot faster, comparatively) with each stitch. šŸ™‚

I find amigurumi quite fascinating. Especially when people make all those adorable little icecreams and cakes and whatnot. I’d love to check out a blog or two which features amigurumi cupcake tutorials! Link me if you can, please!

So, here is a picture of the yellow brick road (reference: Wizard of Oz) which is what I’m calling it now.

Okay, so two very important things here:

1. I love the color yellow.
2. I love wearing the color yellow.

Honestly. Its just so bright and cheerful and — its such an attention-seeker, you know? Its like, HEY YOU. YEAH, THE ONE WITH THE GREY HAT. LOOK AT ME, I’M ALL YELLOW. It’s awesome.

I mean, no one can beat red in the whole attention-seeking department. But yellow comes a close second, no? Especially when paired with the right accessories and alternate colors. Like the aforementioned grey. Or light, muted blue? Yellow adds an amazing pop of color, and I just love it to bits.

And the reason the picture is once again so crappy, is because it has been shot with my 2 megapixel phone camera. Because, yes, I was too lazy to move my butt all the way to the switchboard and plug in the camera battery for charging. DONTHATEMEOKAY.

Soanywayzzz. That is all for today. I made a couple of crochet necklaces, and I’m going to start working on a pair of crochet slippers tonight…I guess I’ll update you on those tomorrow! ^_^

Have you guys made a beanie from this pattern before? Do you have a specific favorite beanie pattern in mind? I’d love to know!

And thanks for reading! šŸ™‚

A Crocheted Goldfish for Kitty

There are always so many things going through my mind, its hard to keep track of them all.

The top three things that currently occupy the most space in my mind are:

1. Korean fashion;
2. How to keep my cat entertained;
3. Single crocheted things.

Starting off with Korean fashion — have you SEEN some of these things? Stunning! Being a DIYer, I’m obsessed with trying to find out how I can make my own versions of some of these dresses. Talking about overall fashion — Anthropologie takes the cake every time. But those things are much prettier to look at than to actually buy. I’d rather save myself some money and remake it. Who knows, I might end up making something way better!

Back to Korean fashion, though, I am in LOVE with their jackets and coats. So chic! Going to start saving up for a couple of those for this winter. They’re just must-haves.

Hey, man. I like black. You got something against that, huh?

Good. Didnt think so. Here are some more colorful options that I wouldn’t mind in my wardrobe. ^_^

Oh, God. Why are Koreans so leggy and gorgeous? :{

Moving on…(before I get pissed off and slam my computer screen shut.)

The second thing on my list is about how I can keep my cat entertained. This is a daunting task. Not easy at all, especially for a lazy, couch potato such as myself. I’m usually on my laptop, or studying (rarely), or sleeping. My poor cat gets only a couple hours of my attention. It should get more, especially on the weekends. I’m trying to rectify that situation by going through a million articles online on how to keep an indoors cat happy.

So far, I’ve come across a million and one ways, but the catch is that they all require for you to engage in those activities with your cat, too. There’s just too much to do, and not enough time for me to waste. But Chip is my top priotiy, and time must be invested.

This actually brings us to the third item on my list: Single crochet. I love it. Its the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Seriously. I know every different stitch has its own beauty and appeal, but no other stitch does it for me like single crochet does. Its so…uniform. And pretty.

Double crochet is what I usually work with, though. Single crochet, while undoubtedly pretty, takes up too much time. And me, I need instant results.

I do single crochet when i absolutely NEED to and there is no other way to make something, or when the project is small and I feel that it wont take up much time/will be completed just as fast.

So today, for my cat, Chip, I made a little toy.
I made a cute little goldfish. šŸ˜€

Filled with…
No, not catnip. We dont get that here. I think.
I’ll have to look for it.

I filled it with his dry cat food. He loved it! Played with it for a while, biting, kicking, carrying it in his mouth all over the place.

Thing is, my cat loves wet cat food, but he’s not much into eating dry catfood. But the smell gets him everytime; how can it not? Its so tantalizingly fishy. šŸ˜€

Here is a crappy picture taken from my phone because I am too lazy to charge my camera. 8|


I should rename this blog to “Lazy’s creations”. :p

So, what do you think? Are you guys single crocheters? Double crocheters, like me? And how do you keep your cats occupied? o__o

I’d really love to know!