Day Three: Inventory


  • 1 Mustache Man phone pouch      x10      6th December
  • 2 Rainbow phone pouches             x10      6th December
  • 3 Black pouches with hearts          x10      7th December
  • 4 White pouches with Bows          x10      7th December
  • 5 Doilie phone pouches                   x5         8th December


  • 1 Doilie earrings                x10           8th December
  • 2 Spiderweb earrings      x5              9th December
  • 3 Puffy flower earrings  x10           9th December


  • 1 Cupcake beanies                                                              x3                9th December
  • 2 Owl beanies                                                                        x3                10th December
  • 3 Plain beanies with snowflakes                                   x2                10th December
  • 4 Multicolored beanies with HUGE pompoms      x2                10th December
  • 5 Puffy beanie with a pompom                                     x2                10th December


  • 1 Adult slippers (plain)                x3           11th December
  • 2 Bunny rabbit booties                x3           11th December
  • 3 Converse booties                       x3           12th December
  • 4 Bow booties                                  x2           11th December
  • 5 Flower booties                             x2           12th December


  • 1 Sugarlocked and Moriartea           x1              9th December
  • 2 Granny square warmers                  x3           13th December
  • 3 Coaster sets (a set of four)              x3           13th December



  • 1 . Words (love, hope, grace, etc)                                    x15           11th December
  • 2 Shapes (hearts, snails, deathly hallows, etc            x10           13th December
  • 3 Beaded spirals                                                                      x10           Do in spare time

Day Two: Skip A Few

So yeah. Instead of posting everyday, I sort of got buy (in eating, sleeping, watching reruns) and basically going away to a place where the expo wont be happening for a lonnnnng time. I am out of that place now (thank God) and am getting down to work! This is going to be a one day exhibition, but I want to be prepared.

Here is my desired inventory list: (with pictures! Yay!)


1. Mustache Man phone pouch x10
2. Rainbow phone pouches x10
3. Black pouches with hearts x10
4. White pouches with Bows x10
5. Doilie phone pouches x5

So thats a total of 45 phone pouches. I have some sample phone pouches of various designs lying around too, for example an owl phone pouch and a panda phone pouch, but I’m not going to make multiple of those. People can order them if they so please. [45]


1. Doilie earrings x10
2. Spiderweb earrings x5
3. Puffy flower earrings x10

Thats 15 pairs of earrings which means 30 individual pieces. [75]


Aha! The most time consuming thing. :3 Sadly since we cannot make minions or anything that has been copyrighted (basically they want you to be original), I wont be having those babies. BUT we do have the following:

1. Cupcake beanies x3
2. Owl beanies x3
3. Plain beanies with snowflakes x2
4. Multicolored beanies with HUGE pompoms x2
5. Puffy beanie with a pompom x2

Why so less of the beanies you may ask? Even though they’re going to be a total of 12 beanies — and one beanie takes from four to eight hours — I will be having MANY other designs that I’m not going to be mass producing. Why is that? Because they all take so much time! And theres no assurance that they’ll even sell. So. Why waste time when you can show off one beanie/beret as a sample and take orders for it if people seem interested? :3 [87]


1. Adult slippers (plain) x3
2. Bunny rabbit booties x3
3. Converse booties x3
4. Bow booties x2
5. Flower booties x2

Another pricey item that people tend not to spend on. Sigh. [100]


1. Sugarlocked and Moriartea x1 (only for orders)
2. Granny square warmers x3
3. Coaster sets (a set of four) x3

Thats 16 right there. Oh my God. This will not be possible in ten days. Not. At. All. [116]


Well, no subcategories here. I wont be having clutches or anything else, just these doilie handbags I make. They’ll have wooden handles and a velvet base with a huge crocheted doilie sewn on it. 🙂 So I’m hoping to make 3 more of these. [119]


Aside from crochet, I make necklaces with wire pendants of any word, phrase or shape that you want. Not everything, but basic to semi-complicated I can handle. Only problem is, my fingers hurt so much after making them. I swear. Anyway.

1. Words (love, hope, grace, etc) x15
2. Shapes (hearts, snails, deathly hallows, etc) x10
3. Beaded spirals x10

That brings our total up to [154].


Now theres a ton of other things that I could have here:

-pillow covers
-amigurumi dolls and teddybears
-a granny square blanket

But truth be told, I just dont have the time. You never really do, for craft shows. And this isnt even the tip of the iceburg. I have yet to get the business cards printed, the stall decor made (bunting, lots of it), the envelopes and bags with the logo on it, the price tags cut out and stuck on. THEN theres the catalog that we’re getting made for people to flip through and find the minion. :3

I will have samples there, of scarves and dolls and whatnot. Wont be selling them, though. I have this thing where I tend not to sell my firsts. :3 They also come in handy later for figuring out the pattern of something since I often do stuff freehand, not following patterns, and forget what I did. Soooo yeah. A sentimental reason as well as a practical one, yay!

Anyway. Onto the schedule now. Hmm.

Shall have that up by tonight. Stay tuned (if you havent dozed off yet)! :p

Day One: Getting Our Head In The Game

Hello all!

See, this time I took a much longer break than the 24-hour thing I had started doing. That is mainly due to the fact that I *drumroll* went to do an internship! It was one month long, I was an art teacher to kindergarten up to second graders anddddd it taught me a lot. So many fake smiles, diplomatic answers, politics, and the WORK. Woah, did they pile that on. And oh, lets not forget the kids. -_- I do not remember having THAT much energy. Honestly. Stark contrast to who I have become today. Quiet (unless you bother me/annoy me and hence force me to scream at you), keeping to myself (unless I like you*), not liking interactions or fake smiles or diplomacy.
One would ponder why I MUN at all. One of the mysteries of life, I guess.
SO ANYWAY. Schools are a place of learning, and boy did I learn. Another thing I learned was that this internship could not have came at a worse time. An entire month wasted in the pursuit of writing down a small “did an internship for one month as an art teacher” on my CV. Really. Like thats going to get me somewhere. on the other hand, if I had crocheted for the entire month, we might actually be somewhere on the stock front.
So far we have about 5 pouches each of the rainbow pouches, mustache man pouches, black heart pouches, white bow pouches. I’m thinking to make some detailed owl pouches too. Maybe like, three at most. Lets see if people buy them at all. Maybe a couple of Panda pouches too?
Anyway. This is going to be a series documenting the final two weeks of prep for the expo. Hopefully this will keep me organized, and help out a couple of people figure out what to do/what not to do when prepping for an exhibition. :3
So today I made another beanie. Its not to be sold though, this one will be a sample piece to take orders. Aside from that, I doubt I’ll be able to make my blanket by the expo, which will be sad.

BUT YOU KNOW SOMETHING IM NOTICING? Whether it be Breaking Bad or F.R.I.E.N.D.S or Big Bang Theory, EVERYONE has crocheted afghans and cushion covers! It gives much such a high to see people having crocheted stuff on shows. :’)

Going to go make my inventory list now. Tata!
*Doesn’t happen often.

Amigurumi hair tutorial

I dont usually reblog, but…this is a need-to-know thing. Enjoy.


I wanted to share how I make the hair for my amigurumi. I always wished that someone had shared this information when I was first getting started, and I searched high and low for a couple of months before deciding on a way that I wanted to make the hair. One of the reasons I like making hair this way is because I like that it doesn’t create a massive amount of bulk, and yet doesn’t look like the doll is bald either. I’ll try to include images of both boy and girl hair, and to make it easier to distinguish between the two I’ll use images of my light skinned brown haired boy, and then for the girl I’ll use the images of my olive skinned black haired girl. I’m not necessarily the best at writing understandable instructions for everyone, so I’m including a large amount of images so…

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The sweetness of cupcakes

I’ve been busy these past few days. It was Eid ul Azha here, and directly after I had to attend a wedding. Hectic, hectic. Today was the first ‘back to normal’ day I had. Got sustenance and my yarn with me, and i settled in for the entire day. Watched Greys and Castle and crocheted all day long. :’) Twas beautiful. Aside from the whole Cristina-Mer fight thing. I see where C is coming from, but it was a bit harsh, imho. Cant wait for Mer to fight back. OH! Speaking of fighting back…I got into IVS! :3 Quite pleased, I am. Take that, haterz. B|

Managed to lazily attach the fox’s arms and ears. It’s hind legs and eyes are left now.
Sigh. Shall do them when the ‘Okay, enough is enough. Finish this.’ feeling gets to me. :p Which wont be anytime soon considering everything else that I’m up to!

Moving on to the ‘everything else I’m up to’ thing, I made two owl beanies 😀 yayyy. Dad had flown in for eid, so he took me yarn shopping, and, oh, was that needed. Got 39 balls of beautiful colors :’) Double yay, anyone? Or are y’all seething in a jealous rage? *evil laugh*

The blanket, as you could have guessed by now, is on hold. I cant stick to the 4-granny-squares a day thing. How sad is my attention span? Going to try and do atleast one a day. *eyeroll* Seriously, I need to be able to stick to a project and see it through before starting not one, but ten new ones.

Observe owl beanie, #1:

In the picture the beak exists, but in reality I havent attached it yet.

Then we move on to owl beanie, #2:

Same problem, unfortunately. Sadly, the owl beak isn’t even crocheted yet for this one. D: Had to borrow the pink ones beak for the photoshoot. :p

I often wish I had a baby and/or toddler and/or child aged between 5-10. That way product photography could go so much better. My cats aren’t nearly as co-operative or understanding as would be a kid. I could bribe them with cookies. Cats dont take kindly to bribes, however. They assume everything is their birthright.

I am improving, though. Take a look here at this very yummy cupcake beanie. :’) And ITS NOT EVEN MY SIZE. Can you believe it? I made something that I WONT BE ABLE TO WEAR GAHHH. This upcoming exhibition better be worth it, thats all I have to say. -.-

See how its completed? :’) From the icing to the liner to the cherry on top. :3 Yayyy. Thinking I’ll do a sort of ‘series’. Vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. 😀

Todays goals:
*Make another cupcake beanie
*Complete the fox
*Make Avada Kedavra necklace
*Make five flower rings

Wish me luck! 😀 Update soon! (This is actually not a hopeful truth-lie, since I AM updating more regularly now. :3 )

Fingerless Crocheted Gloves – Multicolor yarn workup :)

There is still no white yarn, since I was unable to go shopping. So I thought, why not get busy with another project. Because as all crocheters know, you can never have enough WIP projects, can you now? 😉

I had gotten this multicolored skein consisting of browns, pinks, purples, oranges and whites. And I had absolutely no idea what to make with it. Soooo I made fingerless gloves. 😀

I will probably utilize the entire skein to make more asymmetrical fingerless gloves. But I also really want to go for a an owl beanie, so I dont know yet. :p

Will be selling these for RS 900. Guess how much profit is actually there? Only a 100. Believe it or not. The rest is labor costs, material costs and delivery costs. Sigh.

In other news, I am making a new blooming flower crochet cushion cover. 😀 Yay. Pacing myself so as not to overwhelm. One row every day. Need six more petal rows, which means twelve rows in total. Argh.

I cant wait for my white yarn to arrive. Meanwhile I will be making more granny squares to add on to the blanket. Cant believe how big its gotten already! 😀 Pictures soon!

The IVS result will be out on the 14th. I am a nervous wreck. I NEED to get in. If I dont, its better to just drown myself considering the fact that living on this planet will be even more unbearable than it already is.

PTCL has blocked Facebook. I am so freaking annoyed. Probably going to be changing my connection back to Qubee or idk, some other connection soon. PTCL, even though it has cheaper rates, is so not worth it when it comes down to service. Crappiest ever.


Yikes! Its been three months since I last updated this blog? D: My bad.

Let me update you: As far as the pinterest post went — I did end up doing a couple of thing s from pinterest…just not the ones I blogged I’d do. 😉
More on that later, since right now, I am blogging about a very specific project I have undertaken. Because I am crazy. There is no other explanation.


All the people who make afghans and granny square blankets? They’re all crazy, and I’ve joined their bandwagon of craziness.

Yussir, I have.


Can you guess what it is? Can you?

THATS RIGHT. ITS A GRANNY SQUARE BLANKET. 😀 How completely crazy is that?

So I have calculated that for my bed I will be needing atleast 300 granny squares. And there is the edging (which is also the part I am not looking forward to) and ofcourse the joining. ARGH. And the ‘neatening up’ the square. OMG HOW DO PPL DO DIS I SWEAR.

Enough of my weirdness. Lets observe one of natures many beauties:


Wheeeeee. I’m forty squares in, just about, hm, a gazillion to go. Or you know, two hundred and sixty, if you wanna get all technical about it.

So my original inspiration was from According To Matt and his ah-mazing granny square blanket.

Isn’t it spectacular? He crocheted over 600 squares for that beauty. :O

I got all inspired and revved up and set a four-squares-a-day goal for myself. I am determined to see myself through it. Already four days ahead of schedule. :3 Thats the great thing about granny squares — they’re so therapeutic. And perfect to do while watching a movie or a tv show.

In other news, I am worried sick about my admission application, my mother hates me, my father will be here in two days (that should be fun), and there is a wild stray cat out to get my babies.


One last look at the unattached beauties. They shall be joined together with white yarn sooner than you think.

Anyway, this is the only thing that will get me through the next two weeks. Lets make it count. Shall try to update at regular intervals! See you soon (…or possibly in another three months)!

A month of Pinterest (hopefully)

I’m an avid pinner, but I never really go back and make any of the items I pin. Maybe take inspiration, sure, but actually follow through with a whole tutorial? Nope. I just leave them for ‘a time when I’ll need them’ and that time never comes.

So starting today, I will be following through with as many pins as I possibly can. 😀

Intended targets within thirty days:

I think I’ll get started on the doilies first.

Too sleepy right now to write more, or do proper formatting of the links. Will do so tomorrow! 🙂
Peace out.

Many shiny things and something mysterious~

Woah. Time flies by so  fast! I didn’t realize it had been so long since I posted.

For good reason too – a lot has been going on the past few months. I gave my exams, relatives visited, dad visited (and left again), and my amazing friends threw me a surprise birthday party. Aside from that, checking out universities? Not as fun as I thought it would be. Sort of terrifying, actually.

Both of my cats are bigger now. ^_^

Annnd I’ve started dabbing into the field of wire work as well. Making wire jewelry to be more specific.

Here are a couple of things I’ve been working on. Delicate, cute pendants. ^_^

As well as a picture of THIS WIP. 😉 Any guesses to what this is?

Camera 360

Let me know what you think of it!
And five points to anyone who can manage to guess what the WIP is going to end up becoming. 😉IMG-20130714-WA0015 IMG-20130714-WA0017 IMG-20130714-WA0019 IMG-20130714-WA0021 IMG-20130714-WA0024 IMG-20130715-WA0001 IMG-20130715-WA0005 IMG-20130715-WA0010 IMG-20130715-WA0024 IMG-20130715-WA0028 IMG-20130715-WA0033 IMG-20130715-WA0035 IMG-20130714-WA0013