Cute mini crocodile crochet pouch ~ Tutorial

Hi all. Today I bring you a tutorial on how to make a small crocodile crochet pouch, which can be used for storing money, lipgloss, your phone, ipod, or even camera. I use mine to store my camera. It fits perfectly!


So lets start.

What you will be needing today is:
-A 5mm crochet hook
-A ball of yarn

Now first off, what we will do is make a slip stitch.

Then you go on by making 18 chain stitches. Now the 18th chain stitch, you should hold onto that, dont let it get away. And then, while having your thumb or something on it, you chain three more. Now yarn over, and insert your crochet hook into the 18th chain, yarn over again, bring it through the loop, then yarn over again, and bring through the two loops, then yarn over again and bring through the remaining two loops. Do not let go of the 18th chain stitch. Yarn over, insert hook back into the 18th chain stitch, and do a double crochet stitch.

That is our first two double crochet pair.

Now chain two, skip two loops, and on the third loop, yarn over and double crochet. After you’re done, insert into the same loop and double crochet again. This is called two double crochet’s in one loop.

Chain two again. Skip two of the foundation chain stitches, and on the third foundation chain stitch, do two double crochets. Keep repeating this process (chain two, skip two, two DC in third) until you’ve reached the end of the row.

Do you have a ladder?


Step one, done.

Onto the part where it all starts to come together.

Now chain one, and turn it around.

This is — aside from being the fun bit — the tricky bit too. So pay close attention here.

The ladder that we made, you see the spaces in between the ‘rungs’ right? So the rungs — the 2 DC we did, formed two rungs sitting together right? — so we push our crochet hook between those two rungs, and yarn over again. Then pull it through, and DC like normal. Do four more in this way. In the end you’ll have 5 DC’s on this side.

Now the rung on the other side? The one right next to the rung we just crocheted over? Its time to crochet over that one too. So chain one, and turn your project so you can see the other side of the rung, and do 5 DC the same way you did on its counterpart.

If you did it right, and if my instructions did not confuse you too much, you should be having something looking like this by now:

Congratulations! Thats one crocodile crochet stitch done!

Now lets do the whole row.
So the next pair of rungs, ignore them. You’ll be working over them. They are there just to hold the structure.
But the pair of rungs right after the ignorable-rungs, here is what you do:

Chain one, yarn over, insert crochet hook between both the rungs, yarn over, pull through, complete off the double crochet. Do four more of these.

Chain one.

Skip next rungs.

So we’re alternating here, see?

Keep doing this till you reach the end of the row.
Chain one, turn.

Now we make another ladder, and then we make the crocodile crochets on those. And this can go on and on until however long you want it to be. 🙂